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Name: Victoria Lynn Sloan
Nicknames: Vikki or Tori or Shortee
Age: 22
Bday: 01-23-1979
From: Ohio
Hair: Dark Auburn
Eyes: Greenish Gray
Height: 5'3
Status: Engaged
Hobbies: Reading, writing poems and short stories, working on my first novel. Writing to my many pen-pal's, mainly my best friend and my fiancee (who are both in prison)!! I love to go to clubs, go hang out at a bar some nights. Im a big sports fan, i love hockey and football. I also like to play pool and shoot darts! I enjoy music alot, my favorite music is underground rap, but i also listen to hardcore alternative, alternative, pop, country, classical, classic rock, and so on ( i love the doors)!

My Life Stlye: Im mixed Irish and Native American. I fallow the path of my people (the native americans) but do not beleive in the christain god, that's how i am so please dont push your beleifs on me, we are all allowed to like and beleive in who we want when we want i don't press what i beleive on you, so please do not do the same to me. I am also a pegan, i started to beleive this year in peganism because it has alot of the same values as the old ways of the native americans, about the great spirit and mother earth and the many gods and goddess's. so i fallow that way, just to let you know. My future husband is also the same was as i, not so much as the fallowing of our people, but he is pegan...My clans for my people are Cherokee (eastern band) and Sioux!! I am into body art(tattoo's and piercings). I love getting a tattoo and i love the feel of it, i only have 2 right now but i plan to get more!! I really love tribal work (for obvious reasons)! I really dont know what else to say about my if there is anything more about me that you feel you need to know, please email me at anytime!!